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Inflation ravages Argentines’ pockets

The inflation figure to be reported soon by Indec is expected to be equivalent to the one that, in the past, led to fears of a hyperinflationary spiral.

Inflation and rising interest rates: a false solution?

High profits for some business groups show that under high inflation not everyone loses.

Repercussions of the War in Ukraine on Latin America’s Economy

After the economic expansion and relative recovery recorded in 2021, the region will return to the low growth due to the repercussions of the war between Russia and Ukraine. 

Inflation, the federal government’s program and monetary policy in Mexico

In July 2022, the National Consumer Price Index (NCPI) had an annualized variation of 8.15%. It was the highest rate in Mexico in the 21st century.

The social outburst in Panama does not find a political solution

The social outburst is a product of a sharp rise in the costs of living, stark evidence of social inequality, and a decline in the credibility of the government, both for signs of corruption and for its clumsy crisis handling.

Losing Eden: Inflation and Interest Rates in Chile

When in 2019 Sebastián Piñera referred to Chile as an oasis in the middle of a Latin America faced with great economic and political adversities, he could have never imagined the events that would follow.