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Join SRI2023, the world’s largest gathering on Sustainability Research & Innovation, to be held in Panama from June 26th to 30th

The Sustainability Research and Innovation Congress (SRI) will address sustainability knowledge from different perspectives, provide a platform for sharing innovative ideas, and create an inclusive space for action and collaboration among the various social actors involved.

Panama needs better policies to overcome the crisis

The trigger for the demonstrations was the increase in gasoline, food and medicine prices, but, according to CIEPS survey data, corruption is the underlying problem that unleashed them.

The social outburst in Panama does not find a political solution

The social outburst is a product of a sharp rise in the costs of living, stark evidence of social inequality, and a decline in the credibility of the government, both for signs of corruption and for its clumsy crisis handling.

The Impact of Covid-19 in Panama

At different times its health performance has been among the worst in the world, and the impact of the pandemic on its economy has been the most devastating. World public opinion seems to look with astonishment at what Panamanian citizens know well: the country is full of contradictions and there seems to be no middle ground.