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The Panama-David train: the resurrection of a story of geopolitics and global capitalism

The country faces a crucial decision: continue with its service-based development model based in cities like Panama and Colon, or diversify and strengthen sectors historically neglected.

Elections in Panama: Realignment of the political spectrum?

Three parties that had never before won the presidency obtained the majority of the votes, suggesting possible far-reaching changes, since the elections had been dominated by the PRD, the Panamanian and the CD parties.

Vulnerabilities exposed by sea level rise

In Panama, between 2% and 3% of the currently existing land area will be affected by sea level rise by 2050.

Main keys to the Panamanian presidential elections

Ricardo Martinelli led all polls for years. But after being disqualified by a sentence of more than 10 years in prison for money laundering, he was relieved by José Raúl Mulino, who is emerging as the probable winner.

Panama Canal suffers from environmental crisis

The lack of water for the normal operation of the Panama Canal, as well as the losses due to the reduction in the crossing of ships has the country on alert. However, the link between environmental deterioration and the economy has been on the national agenda since the 1970s.

Join SRI2023, the world’s largest gathering on Sustainability Research & Innovation, to be held in Panama from June 26th to 30th

The Sustainability Research and Innovation Congress (SRI) will address sustainability knowledge from different perspectives, provide a platform for sharing innovative ideas, and create an inclusive space for action and collaboration among the various social actors involved.