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Pedro Castillo

Coup d’état fails and Peru remains unstable

A government that called itself leftist, but was rather reactionary was ended. This government was represented by that personage who raised Castillo in the presidential candidacy, as he himself could not be a candidate for having been convicted of corruption: Vladimir Cerrón.

Peru: an impracticable democracy?

What Pedro Castillo really did was to unite all political actors against him and thus make any progressive movement in Peru impracticable.

Peru: one year of chaos as State Policy

Pedro Castillo's government has worked unceasingly to squelch the incipient democratic traditions that had been installed in Peru in the 21st century.

Perú, to the Left or to the Right?

Today Castillo's main objective is to survive, a difficult task in which, with six open investigations against him by the Public Prosecutor's Office, day-to-day life seems to be the only important thing.

Pedro Castillo facing the precipice

The project with which Castillo intends to restore its chaotic situation is nothing less than a new Constitution. But regardless of its dimensions, the project has all the characteristics of a botched job.

Peruvian opposition fails in its attempt to overthrow the president

President Pedro Castillo escaped impeachment by the Congress of the Republic of Peru, a defeat for the center-right opposition dragged by a radicalized minority of the extreme right.