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Deliberate Inequality and Populism

The magnetism of populists is based on a profound delusion, as they build support from the poorest sectors when their leaders are extreme neoliberals who have no interest in improving the situation of these sectors.

Narcoterrorism and Populism 

In the so-called "biggest election in history" that will take place on June 2, there is a player in the shadows who is acting openly. And it is likely to become more visible as the election campaign progresses.

Populist Narrative, Polarization, and Democracy Fatigue

The populist narrative offers a cognitive shortcut that gives a simple meaning to the complexity of politics.

October 26: the Salvadoran 18 Brumaire

Two thousand years ago, Polybius stated that upright regimes tend to degenerate over time. Not only democracy, but also democracy.

Hybrid Democracies and Audience Autocracies 

Audience democracy is understood as the model in which parties and government agenda are relegated to the background as the candidate gains relevance for his or her political stridency.

The threat of transient authoritarianism

Politics does not respond to established patterns, but to the inputs and outputs of national contexts. So, although populism may weaken institutionality, it will not prevail over democracy.