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global South

An economy at the service of few

In three years, the combined wealth of the five richest men in the world has more than doubled. This means that these five people now accumulate wealth similar to that produced, for example, by Colombia, Argentina, and Uruguay combined over the whole of 2021.

Civil Society and South-South Cooperation for Food Security in Latin America

In a context of high concentration of income and wealth in the private sector, which poses a great risk to public interests, international cooperation...

Southglobalism and Latin American politics

From an ideological and normative point of view, the Global South does not naturally identify the diversity of nations of the formerly called Third World.

Lula and the Global South agenda: peace and sustainable development

Lula's government is working to reverse the setback of Brazil's main strategy, hopefully resuming Brazil's leading role in Latin America.

Guacamaya: Hacktivists from the Global South

In 2022, the hacktivist group has breached police and military information systems in Chile, Colombia, El Salvador, Mexico and Peru and companies in several countries in the region.

From BRICS to G7 to NATO: Dilemmas of the global south

The current counterpoint between G7 and NATO, on the one hand, and the Eurasian players and BRICS, on the other, does not shape an encouraging prognosis for global peace and stability.