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Food security and opportunities for cooperation between Latin America and Europe

Cooperation between the EU and LAC requires joint multilevel action with a comprehensive approach covering political, economic and social aspects. And analyzing the variables that affect food security allows for a better understanding of possible scenarios and the development of long-term strategies.

Hypocrisy and protectionism stall the EU-Mercosur agreement

There are windows of opportunity to make progress in stalled diplomatic negotiations. But it is also important to seize the moment.

The ups and downs of Mercosur and the EU

In December 2023, Brazil transfers the pro tempore presidency of Mercosur to Paraguay, and in the same month the deadline for concluding the agreement with the European Union expires.

Renewable Energies and Cooperation among China, Latin America and the European Union

For a decade, China has been emphasizing clean energy development as a key objective of its energy diplomacy and financial approach.

The eureka effect and relations among the European Union, Latin America and China

In Europe and the United States a eureka effect has been produced, which shows that China's power is not neutral on political, social and economic scale, and threatens their interests.

The EU-CELAC Summit between lights and shadows

Coauthor María Victoria Alvarez The Summit left a bittersweet feeling, presenting opportunities and challenges for both sides.