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Transparency in Cuba and Latin America 

The reality of corruption in Cuba is a phenomenon that has become more complex recently due to the expansion of private property in a context of strict control exercised by a small political elite.

Jerónimo Giorgi

ElectionsCosta Rica

Costa Rica: Municipal elections accentuate the erosion of the party system 

The lack of support for the traditionally dominant parties in the municipal elections has opened multiple spaces for emerging groupings that take advantage of the opportunity and become competitive groupings at the local level.

Jerónimo Giorgi

Javier Milei
Javier MileiArgentina

Javier Milei: on the road to 3 months of government

Three months after the presidential inauguration, the inflationary process is deepening while the obstacles to deregulate the economy are multiplying, especially the legislative ones.

Jerónimo Giorgi