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Latino voters lean toward Trump

Trump's style and rhetoric during his presidency was imitated by Milei, Bukele, and former President Bolsonaro during their campaigns. And now, they could influence Trump's candidacy among Latino voters.

War and Peace: United States and China

In the event of an open war between the U.S. and China that does not escalate to the strategic nuclear level, the war economies of both countries would be in an unfavorable situation for the Americans and the entire bloc of their allies.

Crime barons in the U.S.-Mexico bilateral relation

Relations between the two countries have been marked by the production and distribution of fentanyl in Mexico for U.S. consumers.

What’s happening with migrant processing centers in Latin America?

The migrant processing centers outside the United States are not only overwhelmed, but have also failed to stem the flow of migrants along the risky routes.

The end of the health emergency strains the southern U.S. border

The suspension of Title 42, which guarantees the possibility of preventing the entry of immigrants into the United States, could unleash an immigration crisis.

The Americas lose a friend

With former US President Jimmy Carter in hospice care, Latin America and the Caribbean are about to lose a respectful interlocutor who cared deeply about the region.