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An unprecedented and convulsive electoral campaign: Biden vs. Trump

Never before has a U.S. election campaign faced so many changes in such a short time. The lingering question is whether the Democrats will be able to effectively reorganize and prevent Trump's comeback.

The ECLAC model takes Washington  

Instead of relying on market forces, Western economies have relied on state interventionism to protect their industries and markets since the 2008 crisis.

The worrying presence of the U.S. in Brazil’s migration policy

The U.S. government intervenes in the implementation of public policies in Brazil by funding and structuring migrant assistance services, limiting access to such assistance to certain nationalities and segmenting their rights.

Biden Should Undo Trump’s Mistakes in Latin America

The presence in Latin America of China, Iran, Russia or any other non-Western actor need not be the sole purpose of U.S. foreign policy toward Latin America.

Latino voters lean toward Trump

Trump's style and rhetoric during his presidency was imitated by Milei, Bukele, and former President Bolsonaro during their campaigns. And now, they could influence Trump's candidacy among Latino voters.

War and Peace: United States and China

In the event of an open war between the U.S. and China that does not escalate to the strategic nuclear level, the war economies of both countries would be in an unfavorable situation for the Americans and the entire bloc of their allies.