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Costa Rica today: balancers of optimism?

Every society and nation needs a dose of optimism to move forward. Positive values such as well-being and human development are associated with happiness and optimism. This is the case with Denmark, Norway and Finland, champions of the Social Progress Index, while Costa Rica ranks 39th, behind Chile (37th) and Uruguay (38th) in the region. This optimism also benefits and deepens democratic values, fosters trust in our peers, promotes healthy discussions and facilitates the promotion of improvements. But it is worth asking: does this positive outlook on the future mobilize citizens? Does it strengthen civic participation? Does it succeed in promoting social mobility? In retrospect, using the Costa Rican case, it initially appears that the advances of the social state under the rule of law validate such statements. However, systems wear out and require adjustments to continue functioning, leading to levels of disconnection from expectations and, consequently, pessimism. Thus, despite the benefits it brought in the past, today the Costa Rican society coexists with anger, pessimism, despair and violence—feelings and perceptions that appear in surveys and are also palpable in qualitative research. According to the consulting firm Borge y Asociados (in collaboration with Revista PODER), a majority of Costa Rican citizens...

Jerónimo Giorgi


Intimate Inequalities: Menstrual Poverty in Latin America

It is essential that menstruation cannot be an obstacle for any woman, and it is the responsibility of society as a whole to ensure a level playing field for all.

Jerónimo Giorgi


Beyond a Summit: Where Is the Future?

There is no intellectual orphanhood or numbness of ideas. Instead, there is a greater distraction to our senses and a significant economic concentration that prevents us from seeing our humanity from different perspectives.

Jerónimo Giorgi