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Argentina: The agony of the “status quo” regime

After forty years, the contrast between yesterday's hopes and today's disappointment explains to a large extent the rise of a "government of opinion" that supports President Javier Milei.

The dangers of Argentine foreign policy under Javier Milei

In his renowned work on foreign policy, David Baldwin points out that policy-relevant knowledge is one of the most important components, along with creativity,...

Milei and the rupture of political science

In six months, Milei has not been able to pass any legislation in Congress due to his parliamentary minority, but also to his demonstrated political inability to forge alliances.

Argentine federalism facing a disruptive president: crisis or opportunity?

Six months into the Milei administration, the reconfiguration of relations between the governors of the provinces and the head of the national Executive indicates the emergence of a “new federal contract” and new bonds of solidarity between governors of different political profiles.

University strike and federal march in Argentina

In a country where the society historically considers public education as an absolutely legitimate, appreciated and irreplaceable asset, any attack against it immediately mobilizes diverse social groups.

Javier Milei’s 120 days: a déjà vu?

Milei has established a model of unconditional alignment with the “Western world”, in particular with the United States and Israel, which is consolidated with the request to join NATO.