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Central America

Central America Adrift

Central America faces a scenario marked by attacks on democratic institutions and corruption in a context of long-standing problems such as poverty, violence and immigration, which anticipates another complex year of political uncertainty.

Elections in Guatemala: a historic opportunity

The Supreme Electoral Tribunal of Guatemala has the responsibility to guarantee Guatemalans that their votes will be counted with absolute transparency, in full view of everyone and with the conformity of the electoral prosecutors.

The murky U.S. criteria for singling out corrupt Central Americans

Every time a new list appears, the new members are usually second-rate characters or so-called "useful idiots", while the "big fish", the people who are the most steeped in varied acts of corruption, never appear.

Central America’s uncertain role on the U.S. agenda

Previously, no U.S. government had shown so much attention to the region's economic and social development problems. However, there were also reasons for skepticism, due to the lack of regional approach.

Despite U.S. Pressure, China’s Presence in Central America is Growing

El establecimiento de las relaciones diplomáticas de Costa Rica con China, en 2007, marcó un hito en la relación de la potencia asiática con la región. Sin embargo, el acontecimiento no provocó reacciones airadas por parte de los Estados Unido.

Between the American dream and purgatory

Co-author María del Carmen L. Miranda The inhabitants of "El Chaparral," as the makeshift camp on the streets of Tijuana is known, have been driven to make the journey by the lack of opportunities and violence in their home countries.