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Migration, Covid and beyond

Los movimientos de personas ante la Covid-19 se han visto reducidos drásticamente. En 2020, gobiernos de todo el mundo tomaron diversas medidas para cerrar sus fronteras para regular el ingreso del virus, pero también y aún más el de personas. Esta es la primera vez que casi todos los países del mundo compartieron políticas restrictivas al ingreso de personas.

The Impact of Covid-19 in Panama

At different times its health performance has been among the worst in the world, and the impact of the pandemic on its economy has been the most devastating. World public opinion seems to look with astonishment at what Panamanian citizens know well: the country is full of contradictions and there seems to be no middle ground.

Vizcarra: the Peruvian Tantalus

The tragedy of the "vacunazo" had Martin Vizcarra as the central character. In total, more than 700 people received the vaccine in an irregular way and without following the protocols established by Vizcarra's own government. The betrayal of the Peruvian people seems to have been the inspiring element for the myth of Tantalus.

Covid-19 and the Abolition of the Social Sphere in Brazil

The Australian think-tank Lowy Institute conducted a survey on the response capacity of countries to the pandemic, including, among other parameters, the number of confirmed cases and deaths. According to the ranking, Brazil is in the worst position among the 98 countries.

Foreign trade in times of COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic and health emergency brought with it an unprecedented socioeconomic crisis worldwide. The latest forecasts made by the World Bank in January 2021 project a decrease in the global economy of 4.3% and for Latin America and the Caribbean of 6.9%.

Violent borders in South America in the time of Covid-19

In times of health emergency, border violence - militarization, insecurity in crossing areas, or gender-based violence - and internal and/or local recruitment are the most evident manifestations of the commodification of human trafficking and smuggling.