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Ex-guerrilla presidents in Latin America: have they been good or bad experiences?

In Latin America, seven presidents have guerrilla backgrounds. Those who have opted for gradual changes were more successful, while those who chose rupturist projects failed.

Is the second “pink tide” fading?

After the successes of the Latin American left in 2022, the pendulum seems to swing back to the right in 2023.

The dangerous ambiguity of the São Paulo Forum

The left-wing dictatorships in the region represent the consolidation of the objectives shared by the Forum's members.

2023 and Latin America’s landscape

A new pink tide reignited the hopes on the left that a new progressive wave was the answer to the social unrest the region has been experiencing for the past few years.

The new Latin American “pink wave” and relations with China

While the Belt and Road Initiative could open up opportunities for infrastructure development in the region, it requires a coordinated strategy that leverages regional complementarities.

The Left and The Environment in Latin America

A characteristic of the Latin American left that separates it from its European and North American counterparts is its clear commitment to the exploitation of natural resources as a lever for development.