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Political leaders

Signs of Change in the Venezuelan Opposition

The Donald Trump administration's maximum pressure tactic against Nicolás Maduro resulted in a marked weakening of the Venezuelan opposition, slowing down citizen mobilization and aggravating the ideological divisions and strategic disagreements previously present in this sector.

The Fate of Presidential Candidates Who Challenged Drug Trafficking

A scourge that has been threatening the validity of the state and its institutions in the region for decades.

The power of caricature in Mexican politics

The relationship between caricature and Mexican politics is not a recent issue since it was born almost simultaneously with the emergence of the national state.

Political power in the shadow

The impulse to maintain power vicariously is a long-standing issue present in politics, even when it adopts democratic forms of government in which there is a minimum of assured competition.

Presidential threats and resistance from bureaucratic elites

Coauthors Dan Nielson and Celeste Beesley Since state bureaucracies are the ones that execute the executive orders, they often end up being the operators of measures that violate constitutional norms.

Limits of Power

There are currently three worrying cases in Latin America in which the restriction of power is being questioned for reasons of strict application of its temporal limitation.