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Lula da Silva

Lula and the Global South agenda: peace and sustainable development

Lula's government is working to reverse the setback of Brazil's main strategy, hopefully resuming Brazil's leading role in Latin America.

What, How and Why South American Regionalism

South American regionalism is facing a complex situation. Despite the expectations generated by the return of Lula da Silva in Brazil, there is still a lack of clarity.

Lula, Venezuela and the Human Rights

A narrative should not hide reality even if it is painful or unjust; rather, it should free us from schemes that oppress or limit us, making us capable of overcoming injustice.

UNASUR: second parts were never good

In his third presidential mandate, Lula has begun to rebuild the path of his previous terms regarding foreign policy.

Lula, between changing scenarios and foreign policy blunders

Lula da Silva's return to the presidency has raised great expectations. However, circumstances have changed compared to his previous mandates.

Lula’s foreign policy and the future of South American regionalism

Brazil is a key regional and global player, with one of the world's leading economies and a prominent power in many aspects.