One region, all voices

Political parties

Renewing the center-right in Latin America

The center-right tends to be more demanding than the center-left when it comes to association with those who emerge from its more extreme side.

Claudia Sheinbaum, the construction of new leadership 

The former head of government of the capital has won the poll proposed by her party to choose its candidate for the next general elections to succeed the current president.

Corruption, political scandal and the media

In democratic societies, the role of the media is strategic for understanding corruption, transparency and accountability in politics.

Political power in the shadow

The impulse to maintain power vicariously is a long-standing issue present in politics, even when it adopts democratic forms of government in which there is a minimum of assured competition.

Presidential threats and resistance from bureaucratic elites

Coauthors Dan Nielson and Celeste Beesley Since state bureaucracies are the ones that execute the executive orders, they often end up being the operators of measures that violate constitutional norms.

Right or Left: What’s the difference?

Today there is only one issue on which, with many differences, different political protagonists could be grouped under as leftists: the leading role of the state in the economy.