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Do election polls deserve the current crisis of confidence?

According to a study conducted in Chile, there is a high level of distrust in surveys, even among those who answer them regularly. Why are so many people suspicious of falsification and manipulation of data?

Constitutional Referendum in Chile: a déjà vu in the land of paradoxes

After the successes of the Latin American left in 2022, the pendulum seems to swing back to the right in 2023.

Plebiscite in Chile: a starting point?

The second plebiscite in just over a year to decide whether to change Chile's current Constitution is approaching and, according to the polls, it seems to follow the same path as the first one.

Chile: a tough acceptance of reality

In Chile, there has been an internal division of the ruling party's original project, giving rise to what is currently known as "Boric's two souls".

Consultation and elections in Ecuador: a backfire

The result of the consultation generated an earthquake that changed the balance of power and reconfigured the political scene.

Popular consultation in Ecuador: is the cycle of anti-politics coming to an end?

On February 5th, Ecuador will test a new political reform exercise to modify the balance between participatory democracy and representative democracy established in the Constitution of 2008.