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Ex-guerrilla presidents in Latin America: have they been good or bad experiences?

In Latin America, seven presidents have guerrilla backgrounds. Those who have opted for gradual changes were more successful, while those who chose rupturist projects failed.

Jerónimo Giorgi


Piñera’s complex legacy and the impulse to the far right in Chile

Two months after the death of former President Piñera, his legacy is a subject of debate. For some, he was a builder of bridges and regional institutions, while others see him as the precursor of the radical populist right in the southern country.

Jerónimo Giorgi


Electoral Messianism: Religion and Politics

Religion has become an instrument to reconquer voters' faith, merging with populism to sanctify politics and transform the relationship between citizens and leaders.

Jerónimo Giorgi


Options and opportunities facing the crisis: when paths diverge

Crises challenge and imply the occurrence of critical moments. They reflect a road full of risks, but also of opportunities. Like driving on a road, we observe multiple signs.

Jerónimo Giorgi


Super Election Year: Migration, Freedom and Democracy

Migration has become a central part of the campaign discourse across the political spectrum. In this scenario, narratives that stigmatize migrants and refugees and promote xenophobic actions, are increasingly frequent.

Jerónimo Giorgi

Javier Milei
Javier MileiPolarizationSocial networks

Milei versus Petro and López Obrador: a quarrelsome diplomacy

Social networks and unscrupulous leaders make for an explosive combination and can be a further factor in the erosion of relations between countries, as shown by the fight over X between Argentine President Javier Milei and his Colombian and Mexican counterparts.

Jerónimo Giorgi