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Why do Peruvians want to leave the country?

So far in 2023, the number of Peruvians leaving the country and not returning has quadrupled compared to previous years.

Future port of Chancay: Relevance for Peru and Latin America

The Chancay port, considered one of the most ambitious projects to boost international trade in South America, will begin operating by the end of 2024.

Inevitable social upheaval in Peru

President Dina Boluarte's speeches and the efforts of her team have not been enough to prevent the Peruvian population from expressing their dissatisfaction with national politics.

Peru: a fractured country

Peru became a fragmented country marked by irreconcilable interests and demands, where the most powerful sectors always prevail.

The road to authoritarianism in Peru is affirmed

Already in its third month, Dina Boluarte's government leaves little doubt about its authoritarian profile.

Differences between current Peruvian protests and the Chilean of 2019

In Peru, protests have been going on for more than two months with a death toll of more than 60 people. So far, conservative forces have shown no interest in dialogue.