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Navalny’s value

Freedom would be nothing more than a chimera today without figures like Navalny. It is up to us to ensure that this possibility does not become a reality.

RT: Disinformation without borders

Twenty-first century democracies cannot ignore the lessons of Cold War disinformation campaigns, reformulated by their autocratic enemies in the current digital age.

Why does Russia support Venezuela?

Russia has been a crucial ally of Venezuela throughout its complex crisis, establishing strong political, economic and cultural relations with the country.

Putin and the four Latinos

Vladimir Putin's relations with Cuba, Nicaragua, Venezuela and Bolivia are not based on ideological issues but on economic matters.

One Year of War: Latin America and the Kremlin’s Narrative

In Latin America, positions that frankly support or minimize criticism about the Kremlin's agenda are in good health.

Bots don’t vote: Russia’s interference in Colombia?

Russian bots promoted the incumbent president Gustavo Petro in the 2022 elections on social networks, but the reach that these "operations" may have had is very limited.