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Deliberate Inequality and Populism

The magnetism of populists is based on a profound delusion, as they build support from the poorest sectors when their leaders are extreme neoliberals who have no interest in improving the situation of these sectors.

Entrepreneurial State versus Libertarianism in Latin America

Javier Milei's speech at the World Economic Forum seemed a somewhat caricatured synthesis of the intellectual impoverishment of contemporary libertarianism. It would not be worth the lines of this commentary if it were not for this ideology's dangers to the modern democratic order.

Latin America: economic policy in a context of power struggles

In Latin America, central banks, including those of countries with progressive governments, accept the monetarist argument that generates additional difficulties for growth and for implementing economic policies that reduce inequality and promote development.

An economy at the service of few

In three years, the combined wealth of the five richest men in the world has more than doubled. This means that these five people now accumulate wealth similar to that produced, for example, by Colombia, Argentina, and Uruguay combined over the whole of 2021.

When political polarization reaches the pocketbook

If partisan sympathies or antipathies regulate affections and stiffen worldviews, models of society and prognoses about the future in such opposing ways, it should come as no surprise that every aspect of life becomes a trench.

Between debt and helplessness: an X-ray of “gota a gota” loans

The implementation of regulations, the promotion of financial education and the strengthening of the formal economy are essential to counteract the negative effects of the gota a gota loans and move toward safer societies.