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The pandemic has opened a window of opportunity for EU-LAC relations

After years of relative silence on the bi-regional agenda, the pandemic reactivated the channels of dialogue between LAC and the EU.

Preparing the Americas for the next pandemic

Infectious diseases are emerging at a rate never seen before as a result of the global changes of the last century that favor the transmission of new viruses.

Vaccines: Keys to Addressing a Global Issue

Co-author Magdalena Bas Vilizzio With the beginning of vaccination, 2020 ended projecting the first step towards the end of the pandemic. However, new challenges have appeared, such as the dispute over vaccines.

Where is Zé Gotinha? Bolsonaro and his rejection of vaccines

In his first speech after regaining his political rights, the former president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva asked himself: "Where is our dear Zé Gotinha? He is a very symbolic character in Brazil since the 80's during the vaccination campaigns for children and adults.

Pandemic, inequality and geopolitics

Latin America and the Caribbean is the developing region most affected by the pandemic. It represents 8.4% of the world's population, yet accounts for 30% of deaths due to IDVOC-19 and suffers its worst GDP contraction, with a 7.7% drop in 2020.

Economy, Pandemic and Crisis

The IMF estimates a contraction of the world product in 2020 of 3.3% and Latin America is the most affected region. The reduction of the Latin American economy was 7% but with a great inequality between countries and regions.